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World Headquarters
17837 1st Avenue South
Suite 3
Seattle, WA 98148-1728
Tel: (206) 444-0300
Hawai'i Office
WorldSound Hawaii
150 Hamakua Drive
Kailua, HI 96734
Tel: (808) 262-6300
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There are no returns, If you receive damaged product or have any questions regarding sales please contact us at by email or by telephone at 206-444-0300.

Please send submissions to:
WorldSound, 17837 1st Ave South #3, Seattle, WA 98148-1728, USA.

What sort of thing are we looking for?

We cover all genres but are unlikely to take rap or hip-hop unless they crossover into world, pop or some other genre.

Should they be original songs or covers?
Original songs are usually preferred unless you are a solo singer showcasing your voice. However, you should write or co-write your own material.

Can I submit online music?
Yes. We welcome online submissions, do not email music files to us. Send the url of the location of your music (in mp3 format preferably).
Our email address for submissions is:

What other information should I send?
Any recent press, short biography,concert/gig listings. Also include a letter with full contact information including email, web address and video if any.

When will I hear back from you?
If we are not interested you may never hear back from us. It is unfortunate but we receive so many submissions it is not always possible to get back to everyone.


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